Francisco Galdos, Undergraduate Intern (2012-2013)








Leila Jahangiri, Ph.D, Post-Doctoral Fellow








Daniel Jordan, Research Technician/Lab Manager









Angela Frankel, Undergraduate Intern








Evan O'Loughlin, B.A., Graduate Student





Kathleen Nevis, PhD., Post-Doctoral Fellow

National Research Service Award (NRSA) Recipient






Drew Simon, B.A., Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology, Harvard University, Undergraduate Intern (2009-2013)

Drew is an associate at L.E.K. Consulting.




Conor Walsh, B.A., Lab Manager/Research Assistant (2011-2013)

Conor is a medical student at Tufts Medical School.






Charles (CJ) Frederick, B.A., Research Assistant (2011-2013)

CJ has moved to his home city of Philadelphia, where he is pursuing a career in biotech.





Meghan Adams, PhD., Post-Doctoral Fellow(2008-2012)

Meghan is a technical specialist at the Boston office of Lathrop & Gage, where she works in patent prosecution.






Ashley Hutchinson, BA Undergraduate Intern (2009-2012)

Currently an MD candidate at the Tufts University School of Medicine.





Yong Zhou, PhD., Post-Doctoral Fellow (2008-2011)

Yong is currently a Principal Investigator at the Shanghai Institue for Biological Sciences as a part of the Shanghai Jiao Tong Unversity School of Medicine. Yong investigated second heart field biology and arterial pole development.



Pablo Obregon, B.A., Previously: Lab manager/Research Assistant (2009-2011)

Currently working in Cartagena, Colombia on a Coral Reef Restoration Project.

Pablo used the vgo mutant to study the role that Tbx1 plays in SHF deployment and maintenance. He also generated several transgenic lines to characterize the genetic processes involved in stem cell proliferation and differentiation. He will be a PhD. candidate in Marine Biology at University of California Santa Barbara this coming fall.


Timothy J. Cashman, B.A., Previously: Lab Manager/Research Assistant (2007-2009)

Currently an M.D./PhD. candidate at Mount Sinai School of Medicine/Graduate School of Biological Sciences.

Tim created various transgenic zebrafish lines to manipulate heart progenitor populations, and to ultimately reveal pathways critical for cardiac progenitor cell fate specification.


Dekker C. Deacon, B.A., Previously: Research Assistant (2007-2009)

Currently an M.D./PhD. candidate at California University of San Diego.

Dekker used knockdown and overexpression approaches in the zebrafish to test the function of specfic microRNAs in cardiac progenitor cell development. He also worked on generating various inducible transgenic zebrafish lines that modeled human heart failure.